Ridley And Tony Scott In League With ‘Pyrates’

Tuesday, May 24 by

Who would have thought that the pirate craze would still be going strong eight years after Johnny Depp first guy-linered his way into the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl. Once relegated to air-puffed white cheddar snacks and Capital One ads, pirates are now big business and Scott Free Productions is getting in on the craze.

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Ridley and Tony’s company are developing the 10 -13 episode series, “Pyrates,” for FOX to air next summer. The story is a grittier take than Jack Sparrow getting hit in the groin with a coconut, focusing on the greatest robbery in pirate history — the capturing of the Spanish silver fleet in 1628. The more realistic, less fantastical take probably means no hot mermaids which is a shame. They’ll have to make it up to us with hot Spanish chicks. This is FOX we’re talking about after all. (Deadline)

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