Who would have thought that the pirate craze would still be going strong eight years after Johnny Depp first guy-linered his way into the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl. Once relegated to air-puffed white cheddar snacks and Capital One ads, pirates are now big business and Scott Free Productions is getting in on the craze.

[post-album postid="212647" item="2"]Ridley and Tony's company are developing the 10 -13 episode series, "Pyrates," for FOX to air next summer. The story is a grittier take than Jack Sparrow getting hit in the groin with a coconut, focusing on the greatest robbery in pirate history -- the capturing of the Spanish silver fleet in 1628. The more realistic, less fantastical take probably means no hot mermaids which is a shame. They'll have to make it up to us with hot Spanish chicks. This is FOX we're talking about after all. (Deadline)