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The final season of "Lost" was probably one of the most anticipated seasons of a TV show of all time. Each episode was fiercely debated and often maligned for either not answering enough or providing unsatisfactory answers. Regardless of how you felt about this last season, I think we can all agree that "Lost" is fairly unique among television and helped reintroduce sci-fi back into mainstream primetime (which might be a bad thing. Looking at you "Threshhold," "Invasion," "Flashforward," "V," etc).

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Anyway I finally got a chance to sit down and spend some time with the "Lost" Season 6 Blu-Ray. Since you’ve probably already seen all the episodes, I’ll hit the special features first and then offer up some thoughts on Season 6 (and "Lost" in general) and the season finale.
In short though, any "Lost" fan will get some enjoyment out of the special features but you probably won’t revisit them more than once.
LOST in 8:15: A Crash Course: A recap of Seasons 1-5 for those that have never watched Lost. And if that’s you, what the hell are you doing starting with Season 6?

The New Man in Charge: This is the reason most people will be picking up this disc. It’s the 12-minute epilogue that covers a very tiny, tiny fraction of Ben and Hurley’s time post-Jack. Although said to offer answers it really doesn’t. There’s nothing here you couldn’t have easily guessed. Still, it’s worth a viewing if only to see more of one of the Lost orientation videos and to see Ben and Hurley again. The first scene takes place in the supply depot that outfits the remote supply drops to the island. Ben comes to “downsize” the two Dharma employees and let’s them each ask one question before leaving. The second scene is a visit to the psych hospital to catch up with a cast member we haven’t seen for a while. Hint: he’s grown.
Crafting a Final Season: A 40-minute featurette on the making of the final season. It offers some good insight into the story and planning behind Season 6. What’s cool is the interviews with some showrunners of OTHER famous shows: James Burrows, Rob Bowman, Shawn Ryan, and Stephen J Cannell (who says he never once got to intentionally end a show).
A Hero’s Journey: A comparison of Joseph Campbell’s work to the Lost mythos and how in a way every character is a hero. Awwww. Skippable.
See You in Another Life, Brotha: The best-titled featurette on the disc is a short examination of the parallel flash-sideways universe from Season 6. Worth a view.
Lost on Location: This featurette chooses a few of the different large set pieces from the season and does a behind-the-scenes on how they were planned, how they were built and shot, and shows the actors doing their thing. It’s actually pretty interesting for anyone into film-making, not just Losties. Of course, I love a good set visit (hint hint).
Deleted Scenes: Nine deleted scenes. I didn’t even know shows had deleted scenes. There’s a reason. They’re all short, and all pretty worthless.
Lost Bloopers: How many times can you watch a dramatic actor flub a line and make a face? Blooper reels are only ever funny when it’s comedic actors messing up. And even then it’s rarely worth watching. Definitely skip this. 
Lost University: Master’s Program: Apparently I need to both update my firmware and plug in my network cable. I have no idea what this is, but it sounds incredibly nerdy.
Audio Commentary: They only did audio commentary on 4 episodes. Weak shit! Anyone who’s listened to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on the post-show podcast knows what to expect: half enlightening, and half annoyingly cutesy/vague. Isn’t it time to spill the beans? The most egregious oversight is the lack of a commentary track for the “The End.” Episodes with commentary and the commentators: “LAX” – Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, “Dr. Linus” – Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Michael Emerson, “Ab Aeterno” – Melinda Hsu Taylor, Gregg Nations and Nestor Carbonell, “Across the Sea” – Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. 


At least for me, there was no appreciable difference from the ABC broadcasts. Audio is strong and the picture is decent, not great. I had a small amount of grain, and although I’ve seen other reviews that said the black levels were good, for me they were actually kind of bad. I noticed watching the finale last night that the commercial transitions were actually kind of jarring now that the actual commercials are removed. I almost wish they’d done some editing tweaks to alleviate this.
SEASON 6 (Spoilers follow)
To talk about Season 6 is really to talk about "Lost" in general. I think that the show by this point was carrying too much pressure and really drowning under their own expectations. They didn’t pace out the answers very well, and dangled clues to mysteries they never even planned on solving. This is annoying, but by far my biggest gripe with "Lost" is that they went from their science vs faith concept (and were very heavy on the science) to pretty much just dealing with faith. Even the flash-sideways, which at first seemed to be some parallel universe concept, was really just the afterlife. Spiritualism, not science. That being said, I felt like Season 6 had some really strong episodes and made some strong emotional pay-offs (and yeah, a few stinkers along the way—this is "Lost" after all).
Season 6 culminated with “The End,” which I think is amazing. I know a lot of people were really let-down, but I knew going in that answers were going to be in short supply and adjusted my expectations accordingly. If you’ve only seen it the one time, I definitely recommend watching it again now that you won’t be hoping they explain everything at the last minute. The structure, the acting, and especially the score (has any show had a score this strong?) are incredible.

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