“How I Met Your Mother” is a comedy with as many secrets as “Lost.” I can’t really spoil anything that happens in the season premiere, so I’ll just try to talk about the comedy and tease the cool stuff that develops in the plot.

It opens with something that a new viewer to the show might think is a big reveal. Of course we know they never get right to the point. They like to set up some future event and then go back and slowly lead back up to it until we realize what we thought we were seeing wasn’t actually what we were seeing.

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Then we immediately go to a Barney scene, ranting about something a little sexist but something we can all agree on. The main body of the show is about another group phenomenon that’s immature, yet everyone abides by it. I love how “HIMYM” analyzes those rules we all follow.

Ted has a relationship dilemma to face at MacLaren’s. Marshall and Lily have an issue with boundaries and agreements. Robin’s in a bad place this episode and Cobie Smulders goes at it with full confidence.

Each of the three storylines has a bunch of shenanigans attached to it. They flash forward, have a fantasy or have a real celebration that’s inappropriate in the real world but hilarious on a sitcom.

Barney has a heartfelt moment, poignant and of course followed by a Barneyism. The boys come up with some new schticks and reactions to them that truly feel like lifelong friends’ interaction. Even the one-off jokes about someone in the bar or a character’s reaction are pretty observant about people in general.

So stuff happens in the return of “How I Met Your Mother” and it’s a solid episode for the show. They’ve got some heart, some basic humor and a little surrealism to elevate it above the usual sitcom.

"How I Met Your Mother" returns September 20th at 8/7c on CBS.