I’m not spoiling anything for “House” fans by saying that House and Cuddy got together at the end of last season. That’s what we’ve been waiting six years for and spent all summer thinking about.

I’ll discuss it vaguely, so skip this if you don’t want to know ANYTHING. I love the way they came back, I love the way they handled it, I love the character moments it offered for both actors. There, is that too spoiler-y? Oh, can I say it’s hot too? Something that happens in this episode is hot. But I won’t ruin the dirty details, I'll just give you the skinny.

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The opening delivers the drama we want. After the credits, House is back to his witty, irreverent self. House and Cuddy are really good together when they’re on the same team. It shows there’s just as much drama and humor when two people connect as when they butt heads. Things happen throughout the episode that play with our emotions and expectations. It’s sweet in a “House” kind of way that rewards the viewers for keeping up and doesn’t do any of that cheesy stuff.

The rest we’ll have to talk about after you see it yourself. Seriously though, I need someone to talk to about it. So Monday at 9:01 hit me up on Twitter @fredtopel. I can’t keep this in any longer.

There’s hospital business and the team at work. The 13 situation develops too. All this brings with it mini-diagnostics. They have to solve administrative problems, and some people involved have medical conditions.

Luckily the studio also sent the second episode so I got a little bit of a sense of how this season will proceed after the emotional powerhouse of a premiere. Of course it’s more of a standard “House” case where something happens before the credits and they spend the rest of the episode solving it. It’s not the first thing they think it is, but House figures it out by applying a personal conversation to the diagnosis.

Those said personal scenes do continue the conflicts set up in of the season premiere. So that’s good. They don’t leave you hanging, they deal with things but they don’t make it overbearing. House is perfect mouthing off to those situations, and he uses it for good riffs in the diagnosis scenes. Cuddy is great, Wilson and the team’s reactions are great. Everyone acts like their well-defined characters would and it hints at human philosophy and ethical issues. It’s no closure. It just opens up more juicy possibilities.

God, I want to talk about this. You guys are gonna love it though. Seven years and they still find cool ways to twist the formula, relevant issues to deal with and humor that has more answers than any “serious” talk.

“House” returns September 20 at 8/7C on Fox.