There’s no new “House” while Fox has baseball to run, but I got the next two new episodes in advance. I get my “House” fix and I can satisfy you with a little tease too, but I promise no spoilers beyond what you’d find in TV Guide.

The patient in “Office Politics” is a political campaign advisor (Jack Coleman). It’s HRG from “Heroes” playing another manipulative politician. His reaction to House’s tactics is refreshingly simpatico. It’s interesting to see a patient who agrees with House’s methods, not that it makes the diagnosis any easier.

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The major guest star though is Amber Tamblyn as Martha M. Masters, the medical student who Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) wants House to hire. In the first of several appearances that have been reported, Tamblyn is adorable as a shy, nervous newbie. Of course House tests her right away by having two simultaneous conversations, as they tend to do.

Masters fuels two parallel storylines in this episode. In one, she has moral issues with House’s tactics, from breaking and entering to lying to patients. This has come up before, so it may be familiar, but Masters is a good new character to engage in the constant push/pull with House. His ongoing acceptance/rejection/acceptance of her is the classic “House” rhythm.

The other storyline is the team’s reaction to Masters. Taub (Peter Jacobson) doesn’t like her, and Foreman (Omar Epps) gets in on messing with Taub over it. The Foreman vs. Taub subplot gets pretty awesome.

This episode represents a new thread for the season. It’s off of House and Cuddy’s relationship for a while, although that does color his treatment of her new hire. The ongoing challenge of Masters’ morals versus House’s experience will be interesting to watch play out.

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