It was announced a month or so ago that both Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones would be leaving Parks and Recreation mid-season to follow other projects. The news was no surprise as regards Lowe, who's enjoyed a successful career for about 30 years now, but Jones fate was more interesting.

She had the promise of a new series with Warner Brothers, which was intriguing because a) Rashida Jones is awesome, and b) because Rashida Jones is awesome, she probably wouldn't leave Parks unless the opportunity was really, really great.

That opportunity is a CW show called Ladyballs in which two NYC women, after realizing they've been dating the same guy, set up a payback-for-hire business.

Yeah, it's called Ladyballs. And it's on the CW. I'm not saying these two facts will keep the show from being good, but it certainly will add degrees of difficulty in scoring it. On the plus side, the show is being written by Prep School Confidential scribe Kara Taylor, so.........

*gently, softly* "Ann Perkins"