Fox announced at the Television Critics that they’ve picked up their comedy “Raising Hope” for a second season. At breakfast, the cast and creators mingled with the press and shared some scoops about upcoming episodes. Series creator Greg Garcia started with the guest stars over a plate of bacon, eggs and potatoes.

“We have Amy Sedaris coming up in an episode who plays a cousin of Martha [Plimpton] who are mortal enemies so that’s fun,” Garcia said. “We have a love interest for Cloris Leachman played by Jerry Van Dyke that we’re shooting soon.”

Stars Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward revealed more. “Mary Lynn Rasjkub from ‘24’, another Fox flagship show, she came on,” Neff said. “J.K. Simmons, just a lot of quality cool very funny talented people are going to be making appearances later on.”

Simmons plays Burt’s (Garret Dillahunt) older brother Bruce. Rajskub returns with cousin Mike, who had left to join a cult. “Mary Lynn is cousin Mike’s wife which we’ll find out in an upcoming episode,” Neff said. “There’s all sorts of funny stuff that happens. Now he’s come back and he’s brought the cult with him, so we get to meet the cult. That’s a great episode.”

Sabrina (Woodward) starts spending more time at the Chance home, so she gets to meet the guest stars too. “I’m at the house actually for the whole episode so I’m with them.”

Garcia previewed another major episode that may close out the season. “We’re working on a flashback episode that could be our season finale,” Garcia said. “It’s pretty much going to be a whole flashback episode. That doesn’t go too far back but explains some stuff of why the family is still living with Cloris Leachman.”

Some of the episodes are still about Baby Hope too. “We have an episode coming up where the house is infested with germs,” Garcia said. “The whole family, now that they have a baby in their house, they’re obsessed with germs and realize that they’re not living in the cleanest house in the world. There are a lot of special effects in that one.”

It also gives Sabrina a chance to freak out! “I start acting a little out of my mind,” Woodward said. “It turns out I’m neurotic, very, very neurotic. It’s great. I figure also the more they start integrating Sabrina into the family, her quirks have to come out or else it’ll just be her observing them forever. I think it’s important for her to start to feel comfortable to expose all of her neuroses. The first episode back you find out Sabrina’s a severe germaphobe.”

“Raising Hope” returns this February on Fox.