Puff Daddy Wants To Buy The Fuse Network For $200 MM

Tuesday, March 11 by
"Hey Diddy! How many people tuned into Revolt last night?" 

Puff Daddy, having stepped away from making silly 1990’s rap in the late 2000’s, has been making a push at being a media mogul, and he’s willing to pay out the nose to keep going. He’s reportedly trying to by Fuse, the music/music video network for $200 million in order to find broader distribution for his Revolt TV music service.

Launched last October, Revolt hasn’t made much of a splash so far. Puff did open casting calls for on-air talent (probably never a good idea) but he hasn’t been able to find a home for it. Though I’ve never seen or heard of Revolt, I can only assume that if it isn’t any good, it probably won’t succeed no matter what the distribution is.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to my Ciroc vodka Bloody Mary.

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