HBO, never one to limit the network to any specific genre continues to explore the world of sports that it first shot at (and failed) with Arli$$. Now, the network is prepping a documentary on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a guy who probably could have used a nickname during his career, if only for the sake of sportswriters everywhere.

(And no, I'm not recognizing "Captain Skyhook" as a nickname.)

In addition to being one of the leading scorers and greatest basketball players of all time, Kareem was on the front lines of the civil rights fight for most of his playing days, and then branched out from basketball with acting and a friendship with Bruce Lee later in his career.

Pretty cool stuff that HBO has to work with.

Considering it will be a documentary, we don't get to try to guess who would play the towering 7-foot athlete, though I'm sure Kevin Hart would be at the top of everyone's list.