Ok, Netflix. You've gone too far. First you give us 16 seasons of The Killing when we politely asked you to stop, like, six times, and now you've turned orange prison jumpsuits into haute couture. Or so so says my favorite arbiter of fashion trends, Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel.

According to the Fantastic Mr. Federspiel, Orange is the New Black has given the outfits a "cultural coolness" that flies in the face of the deterrent aspect of the penal system. Next think you know, kids will be hanging out with a diverse cast of characters, who, despite their differences and issues, are all in this thing together and just have to make the best of it, ya know?

It will be anarchy.

The Sheriff has opted for black and white striped jumpsuits, so that the prisoners will not only recognize that prison jumpsuits AREN'T cool, but also that it's the 1940's.