Unless it is all part of an elaborate April Fool's Day prank, Betty White will star in her own Punk'd style prank show for NBC. Yeah, that's the same network that went with Jay Leno over Conan. Is it any wonder they're turning to an 89-year-old woman for inspiration? At any rate, a few proposed pranks for the show have been leaked (by "leaked" I mean I pissed them out myself a few minutes ago). Take a look.

Here Comes the Stork

A frantic Betty White will show up at Ed Asner's house claiming she became pregnant after one of their weekly, all-out, anything-goes sex romps.

Won't You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise?

Impersonating a travel agent, White will call John Travolta's private line demanding payment for a gay cruise he took late last year.

Golden Girl

Using a concealed water bottle, Betty will stop by several Hollywood hot spots and pretend to wet herself. She will repeatedly ask for a new chair until the manager finally refuses, at which point she will begin sobbing on the floor in a puddle of her own faux urine.

This Place Is Dead

Betty will sit on a seat at LAX pretending to be dead until someone notices. If no one notices, it will still be fun to watch Betty White pretending to be dead in an airport.

You Ought To Be In Pictures

Betty White will arrange for a meeting with Justin Bieber in order to pitch him on a remake of Harold and Maude. When he accepts. Betty will forcefully demand the two close the deal via the "casting couch."

We're All Pink On the Inside

After setting up a business meeting with porn producer Steven Hirsch, Betty will give a PowerPoint presentation on her new interracial porn concept, BlackinWhite.com.

Not Enough Time On the Clock

Betty goes to a car dealership and asks the salesman about a five year lease.

Special Thanks to Penn Collins