We all got pretty excited or angry or sad or confused when it was announced that FX was filming a pilot based on Brian Michael Bendis's comic series Powers. We watched closely and commented as castings and shoot dates were announced, eager for the official word that the show would soon take over our airwaves. And then... nothing.

It went away as quickly as it came together. The pilot was actually filmed with Jason Patric, Lucy Punch, and Charles S. Dutton but FX head John Landgraf rejected the pilot without the news making a lot of noise. Today we find out that FX isn't done trying to get this show together. In fact, they're hoping to move forward by filming a completely new pilot with a brand new cast. Which means we might have ample opportunity to once again get excited or angry or sad or confused.

Anyway, why wouldn't this show be delayed? It is based on Powers after all. (Variety)