It was a weird holiday season. If you have not been glued to the internet, rest assured that you have not missed much, other than a little lawsuit, some new trailers, and this picture from the cover of a 1976 edition of Sesame Street Magazine. Here is a wrap-up of some of what has happened while a lot of you were on extended vacation. Have a good friday, enjoy the weekend, and get ready to f'ing work your tits off come monday. We have an economy to fix, bro.

SAG begins 2009 with a civil war (Variety)

Entertainment Weekly dropped some hot images of upcoming 2009 films (EW)

Nic Cage given 40 million to play the president of Egypt (Filmdrunk)

Inglorious Basterds was given a release date (Filmonic)

Wolverine screamed Happy New Year from a hot tub (Aint it Cool)

Rourke said Penn does not like The Gays (Filmdrunk)

Megan Fox's naked boobs were cut out of that Diablo Cody movie (The Playlist)

We were give a first look at Th Year One with Black and Cera (FSR)