FX Tackling 18th-Century Jamaican Port Next

Monday, May 23 by

FX decided it wants to roll out one more awesome show, so it has partnered with Fox International to crank out “Port Royal,” an hourlong documentary that focuses on the comings and going of the various shady characters that are affiliated with the 17th-century Jamaican port. Pretty high concept. It could be higher though. Perhaps there could be schoolteachers who practice voodoo as well.

Of course, the team behind the show are touting it as “provocative and dangerous,” so we can expect lots of side-al nudity and gratuitous use of the word “bullshit.”

While the concept isn’t doing a lot for me (a modern-day port, a la “The Wire” sounds a lot more interesting), “The Walking Dead‘s” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd is behind this project, so expect some high production values out of the show, though hopefully not at the expense of decent dialogue.

No word on a timeline here, but the project sounds a little ambitious for a fall premiere. We’ve waited 300 years for the tale of Port Royal. What’s a few more months? (Deadline)

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