You've probably been noticing a lot of news about various networks picking up various pilots about various subjects -- it can be a little overwhelming if you let it. So, in the interest of the greater good, I'm "rounding up" (yee-haw!) some of the most recent news in the world of shows that might get turned into series that you can hear about other people watching.

"Hound Dogs" (TBS) This TV show appears to be attempting to capture some of that Wild Hogs/Old Dogs lightning, at least according to the title. The show is about a "minor league team the Nashville Hound Dogs and its endlessly upbeat general manager (Tom Verica), a gambling addict trying to outrun his past, as they try to handle life’s ups and downs, both in and out of the locker room."

"The Council of Dads" (FOX) This is a pretty hardcore premise: A guy with two twin daughters finds out he has terminal cancer, so he enlists the help of 5 of his closest male friends to serve as a "council of dads" in order to raise them after he dies. It's based on a non-fiction book by and about Bruce Feller, who actually ended up making a full recovery. Here's the hardcore part: In the series, the dad is going to DIE. And it's a comedy!

"Family Album" (FOX) This is another sitcom, but this one has a gimmick: Each season will take place over one summer vacation for the titular family. I'm hoping for at least one episode in each season that takes place entirely at an interstate rest stop. At night.

"S.I.L.A." (NBC) A Traffic-style crime drama set in LA. Hey, since it's in LA, maybe it could have been called "Traffic." Get it? Or maybe "Smog."

"Pan Am" (ABC) Yet another 60s drama (is it a trend yet?), this one about flight attendants. I expect blocking will be a bitch, what with the beverage cart and everything.

"Lost and Found," "Work It," "Smothered" (ABC) 3 sitcoms on ABC, at least one of them involving cross-dressing.

Untitled "Chicks and Dicks" project (FOX) You can't say "dicks" on TV!!

(via Deadline)