This is bad for Mitt Romney in that he gets called out by Peter Berg, who directed Battleship, so much know a lot about a great many subjects, and also because it broadcasts to everyone that the Romney campaign is co-opting the most trite phrase imaginable.

In case you were wondering what the most trite, hackneyed, banal, overused, cliche slogan a politician could use's Friday Night Lights' "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose."

I guess this means that if Romney loses, it's simply due to the fact that his eyes and heart were not as clear or full as he would have hoped. A sobering thought.

Berg calls out Romney for being unoriginal and having values quite different from those depicted on the show. (Would Obama have better-aligned values? What about W.?) Berg is about as gracious as one could be in a cease-and-desist letter, but the barbs are clearly there. Anytime you compare someone to Buddy's not a compliment.

Berg's letter to Mitt Romney (which sounds like kind of an FNL name anyway) can be found here, with The Hollywood Reporter's godforsaken logo all over it, forcing us to acknowledge that, yes, we are aware you got the letter first.  THR needs to constantly be validated or it just breaks down. Really a high-maintenance outlet, that one.