Producers of talent competition show The X Factor have responded to the first season's lower than expected ratings by just firing the sh*t out of everybody. Yesterday saw the show cleaning house of host Steve Jones and judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. It's said that none left on their own volition and could probably use a backrub right now. Especially Nicole. Nothing sexy or untoward. Just a friendship rub. Unless... ?

Considering that Cowell has blended into the pop culture tapestry over the last few years, I didn't even notice that the show was ever on the air. My reaction was, 'Oh. Here's that guy I won't watch,' before turning off the television to go outside and break sticks against trees.  They might want to look a little further than replacing the judges panel and maybe, I don't know, raise awareness that the show exists. What channel is this thing on?

In the end, the firings are a good thing. Now the door is opened again for the hot but impossible to understand Cheryl Cole. Just use subtitles or something.