A few months ago, we got to visit the set of the latest half-half-hour Adult Swim comedy, NTSF: SD: SUV. Paul Scheer created this spoof of terrorist action shows in which his National Terrorism Strike Force protects San Diego… and has some cool Sport Utility Vehicles.

In a plotline usually reserved for later seasons of long running seasons, Scheer already had the NTSF go to an alternate dimension for the episode he was filming during our visit. That’s an example of the crazy shenanigans in store for NTSF: SD: SUV. We spoke with Scheer for two minutes in between takes and talked about cell phones, screaming and kidnapping. [post-video postid="220330"]

Q: When you watch the serious counterterrorism shows, what makes you think, “This is hilarious?”
Paul Scheer: Those shows are so crazy to begin with. That was actually a challenge in writing the show because we were like how do we top what’s already going on? I mean, you have shows where guys are wearing bombs around their neck and you have shows where, oh man, there’s an episode of CSI that takes place in Star Trek, like a 1960s version of Star Trek. There are episodes where people ar buried alive. Those shows blow ours away so we had to kind of find a way to trump it. On our show we have killer dolphins and we have time travel. Every time, we laugh. I think this show could actually be on the air as a real show. It’s not so different.

Q: Do you have a lot of angry screaming cell phone calls?

PS: Oh, primarily angry screaming cell phones. A lot of people cutting each other off, never saying goodbye, a lot of furious driving. A lot of that.

Q: And someone gets kidnapped every week?

PS: Well, I would say someone gets shot every week. Someone’s definitely shot. Every week, someone gets reprimanded. I wish someone gets kidnapped every week. Definitely kills. People get killed. A lot of people get blown up.

Q: This episode is in an alternate universe, right?

PS: Yes, there’s a CERN device in Sweden and the San Diego mayor decides to build her own CERN device here to get the tourism up. In protecting it, I actually time travel to an alternate dimension where NTSF is actually terrorists, not terrorist stoppers.

Q: Why doesn’t everyone have goatees in the alternate universe?

PS: Well, everyone in this universe has ponytails. That’s the thing. We’re not doing the traditional Star Trek. We’re going ponytails. So everyone here has ponytails.

Q: What do you like about the 15 minute Adult Swim format?

PS: The 15 minute Adult Swim format gives you just enough time to not get sick of something.

NTSF: SD: SUV premieres July 21 at 12:15AM on Cartoon Network.