Comedian Paul F. Tompkins will develop a scripted comedy series with writer and radio host/comedian Tom Scharpling (Monk, The Best Show On WFMU) called "Evil Genius." Comedy Central has put the project in development, and despite a very high concept, it seems promising. Tompkins would play the titular evil genius, Tiberious Lynch, who, after a successful world takeover, is left without much to do.What's the life of an evil genius like when he's already dominated the planet? I guess we're going to find out.

The premise sounds a bit familiar, but with rare comedic talents like Tompkins and Scharpling, the results should be different from whatever we've come to expect from this recent archetype. Mining comedy from an evil genius isn't brand new, but was explored in last year's animated Megamind. Here's hoping that an innovative and hilarious comedian like Tompkins has a fun and unique spin on it. I'm sure he will. (Deadline)