Just like with The Onion, 95% of the joke is in the headline. However, I'm not paid to just write headlines, so I have to back this high-larious headline up with further information.

But before we go down that road, one more headline, this one from The Hollywood Reporter:

Patrick Duffy Calls for Two-Hour ‘Step By Step’ Reunion Special

Fantastic. I find it surprising that Patrick Duffy is able to "call for" anything other than some Chinese food, but I suppose I underestimated his powers. Duffy explained his request to get a reunion special on the Disney Channel thusly:
"I think a little two-hour special about where these people are—not a documentary, but actually doing a show—seeing where they all come to over the years"

That's not quite a cogent sentence, but you get the gist. People who are able to call for things don't heed the laws of syntaxor grammar. That shit's for the Carl Winslows of the world.