On February 21, lock your pies up in the kitchen because Jason Biggs will be broadcast in your living room. CBS’s new sitcom “Mad Love” stars Biggs as a New York lawyer falling in love. It’s prime time, but Biggs can still deliver the goods.

“Without giving too much away obviously, I have sex with a sheet cake in the second episode,” Biggs joked at the Television Critics Association winter press tour today. “Don’t know if that’s a spoiler alert. Sorry guys.”

Seriously though, there are some TV-friendly shenanigans that may qualify as American Pie light. “Let’s be honest, those were very R-rated, some pushing NC-17 scenarios,” Biggs said. “I do lose my pants in Staten Island. You do see me pantsless which I think is what my fans demand of me in general.”

Biggs plays Ben, who’s falling for Kate (Sarah Chalke). His best friend Larry (Tyler Labine) feuds with Kate’s friend Connie (Judy Greer). At least there’s no happily married couple giving the two sets of lovers and fighters their sage wisdom.

Executive producer Matt Tarses said, “I have this love/hate relationship with romantic comedies. I find myself drawn to them and I also find myself hating myself for being drawn to them. What about a show that encapsulated both those attitudes? There was no room for a third attitude.”

Within that, there are the crazy de-pantsings. “Matt has written for all of us some kind of crazy situations,” Biggs said. “Inherent to this format I think is to create situations that are quite comical and crazy. For a person that does it right, they’re funny but they’re also grounded in reality somehow and they’re with characters you like. Among those, I believe there are some in every episode. One of them I lose my pants in Staten Island. The other, I have sex with a sheet cake.”

“Mad Love” premieres Feb. 21 on CBS.