With Leslie Knope campaigning for City Council against the oddly likable Bobby Newport, fans are wondering what will become of her character as this terrific season of Parks and Recreation comes to a close. Well, even in the information age, they're going to have to keep wondering until the finale airs.

The show has shot two different outcomes for the season finale. One in which Leslie loses, and another in which she, ya know, wins. Speaking at PaleyFest, showrunner Michael Schur has said it's "in case they change their minds," but we all really know that he's made up his damn mind, and he's just doing this to mess with us.

And that's fine by me. While Parks and Recreation isn't a show built on suspense, I like the fact that the producers care enough for the show and characters to protect a secret, no matter how incidental. Maybe Schur could work his magic on The Walking Dead in that regard.