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Thursday TV Preview
Thursday, March 26 by

Well, whether you like it or not, the Osbournes are back…with a variety show on FOX. Pretty random, and dare I say unecessary? Check out the the fam tonight as they guest on Jimmy Kimmel. Other than that, it's another solid Thursday night of comedy with The Office and 30 Rock. Your preview after the break.

Wednesday TV Preview
Wednesday, March 25 by

Tonight's another wizzbang night of Wednesday TV. J.D. finally gets props from Dr. Cox on Scrubs, somebody on the island goes rogue, South Park comments on the financial crisis, and Demetri Martin concludes the first season of his show. Your preview after the break.

South Park’s 13 Most Twisted Kenny Kills
Wednesday, March 25 by

One of the most timeless TV characters has to be the little boy in the orange hooded sweatshirt Kenny McCormick, constantly beset by death in any number of ways, whether it be a bitten off-head, sliced in half, or a dreaded STD. And through it all, Parker and Stone have constantly innovated the way this unfortunate youngster kicks the bucket, never once letting the joke become stale or boring or predictable.  They structured a movie plot around him, actually killed him for an entire season, then let at least one full season pass by without his death.  Nowadays you always look forward to a Kenny death, and it’s in honor of this immortal/mortal little boy that Screen Junkies presents to you the most inventive Kenny deaths of all time. 

Tuesday Night TV Preview
Tuesday, March 24 by

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine mentioning Barack Obama and Limp Bizkit in the same breath, (Try saying Limp Obama Bizkits and tell me it's not fun) but here we are. Pres. Obama is giving another channel hogging Press Conference about toxicity and assets and such. But switch it over to Snoop, he's got the guys from 'Bizkit' talking about their long awaited reunion tour. More nookie after the break.

Battlestar Who? Clips From Caprica Hit the NET
Monday, March 23 by

Well, Battlestar Galactica is over and done with (read Jim Connelly's tear-jerking eulogy here), but Universal and the newly re-branded Syfy Network have already begun bombarding us with shrapnel made in Caprica.  Here's one of the clips.  Check out the other six after the jump!

Colbert Beats Out Porn Star “Serenity” for Space Station Name
Monday, March 23 by

An Associated Press report unveiled but moments ago that TV's Stephen Colbert came in first in NASA's online contest to name a new room at the international space station.  The name "Colbert" beat out NASA's four suggested options in the space agency's effort to have the public help name the addition. The new room will be launched later this year.Of course, this is what happens when you let write-in votes count, especially when week after week, Colbert has proven that his viewers will do anything that he asks them to do, especially if it means getting something named after their idol.  [Colbert's 230,539 votes] clobbered Serenity, one of the NASA choices, by more than 40,000 votes. Nearly 1.2 million votes were cast by the time the contest ended Friday. I think Serenity is a totally serviceable name, and I think the Wicked Pictures star whose name all the NASA computer geeks threw into the hat would agree.In fact, this whole thing makes me long for the days when NASA just named their spacecraft after porn stars.

Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 23 by

While House takes a breather after the glorious 'killer kitty' episode, 24 is right on point with Bauer on the run from the Feds after being framed for two murders and killing the real culprit, but you know he ain't getting deterred by nothing from finding Jon Voight's Bioweapon! Also, catch some biblical bloodshed on Battles BC, a show that reenacts some excellent warrings from our bloodthirsty ancestors. Another Regis 'I'm a Robot' Philbin somehow appears on 2 Late Night shows tonight as well. Your preview after the break.

Top 10 Recyclable TV Characters
Monday, March 23 by

The average successful TV show has four or five seasons, a total of 80-90 episodes.  At 20 minutes an episode, that’s at least 1600 minutes of entertainment.  And that's not including the really popular ones like The Simpsons (20 years) or ER (15 years).  That’s a lot of airtime to fill…  So, once execs discover a certain kind of show is popular, half a dozen clones will pop up… staple characters are born… then die… then get reincarnated.  The circle of life on Television. Some of these recyclable characters have been around for ages, while others have just made their debut in the last ten years or so.  (And many of the shows below fall into several categories, but for the sake of variety once a show has appeared in a category it won’t appear again.)  So without further ado, Screen Junkies presents… TV’s Top Ten Recyclable Characters.   10. The Drama Queen Doctor

We’ll Miss You BSG Weekend TV Preview
Friday, March 20 by

While the series finale of Battlestar Galacica may not come with such a hullabaloo as did with the Seinfeld finale, ScreenJunkies can whole heartedly gurantee you it will be a 100x more satisfying send-off. Is BSG one of the best shows in TV history? So get all your nerdlinger buddies over and throw a big viewing party with Battlestar Bento and Battlestar Cocktails and get Battlestar Drunk. BE WARNED–If you have to record it on your DVR, remember that the finale is 2 HRS and 11 MINUTES LONG. All your other favorites on schedule too (FNL, T:TSCC, BB), but dammit, if you have to watch anything this weekend, make sure it's Battlestar. Your preview after the break.

Thursday TV Preview
Thursday, March 19 by

The Office and 30 Rock continue to churn some laughs out of you for yet another edition of 'Must See Thursday.' Michael gets some stiff competition from the new Vice President of Dunder Miff, and Drew makes another appearance on 30 Rock while Jack fights for Tracy to stay on with TGS. Not to be outdone is Pres. Obama, who makes an appearance on Jay Leno tonight with Garth Brooks on as the musical guest. Your preview after the break.

Wednesday TV Preview
Wednesday, March 18 by

Last night, TV took a little hiatus to toss back some car bombs and chill with his leprechaun buddies. But tonight, la Televisión is back on the wagon and on point with a tremendously enjoyable night of plane crashes, 'ScrubsCenter', Mysterio, and an explanation of coolness. A surplus of video, some solid Late Night bands 'n babes, and your Wednesday lineup after the jump.

St. Paddy’s Day TV Preview
Tuesday, March 17 by

Slainte! Grab some green, some kegs, some cabbage and corned beef, some shamrocks, and of course, your remote. The Leprechaun inside your TV is offering some brilliant accoutrements to accompany you through the night: Snoop Dogg talking to Busta Rhymes in soft focus while babes dance in the background, Rudy going against all odds, and a showing of Will Ferrell being hilarious while quite inebriated. Your preview after the break.   Dogg After Dark 9/8c on MTV Busta gives credit where credit's due.

12 More Insanely Bad TV Commercials
Tuesday, March 17 by

A while back we scoured the internet to bring you a collection of the worst local tv ads. We ended up finding so many that we had to give you more. This time around the selection is far crazier and far crappier. Crapzier. “Enjoy!" JONES BIG ASS TRUCK RENTAL & STORAGE This is actually a fake but it’s a charming fake so it’s too hilarious to not include. Which is a shame because if he were real, I’m sure that Toby Jones would be crowned King of Them Internets. DYNAMIC PAWN SHOP

Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 16 by

Tonight's lineup is rife with hilarity! In House, people die after cuddling with kitties, whilst in 24, Jack Bauer screamingly interrogates 'Red' from That 70's Show. You have to love FOX. And frakkin' a! This is officially the last week before Battlestar Galactica ends it's glorious run at rounding one of the greatest Nerd Herds in recent memory. SciFi honors said dorks with a final special where even the Cylons get teary-eyed. Your preview after the break.  

Friday the 13th Weekend TV Preview
Friday, March 13 by

It's the 13th, it's Friday, and the moon is 91% full…Things gonna happen extra weird for you today, what with it being the second freaky friday in a row. Watch out!–dogs will be able to jump extra high, babies will stare at you, and your bike just might blow up if you try riding it.  Luckily for you, TV laughs defiantly in the wretched face of superstition, offering a no-nonsense weekend of black cat bootin,' astrology free programming of superb (and almost over!) Sci-Fi drama, robots, football, and a little methamphetamine. Take charge of your destiny this Friday the 13th, by staying the hell inside! Your preview after the break.

Thursday TV Preview
Thursday, March 12 by

Another highly dependable Thursday night of TV for you. New episodes of The Office and 30 Rock, whilst the best buddy cop movie of all time screens for you to switch back and forth during commericals. On that note, here's some completely arbitrary information–did you know they used the f-word exactly 48 times in that movie? Your much more useful TV preview after the break.

Wednesday TV Preview
Wednesday, March 11 by

Give your brain a rest, there's no new Lost tonight. Instead, work out that gut with a tremendous night of gutbustering shows from the good people at Comedy Central. South Park is back in action, kicking off it's lucky 13th season by tearing apart the Jonas Brothers, Demetri Martin explains 'safety,' Paul Rudd guests on Jon Stewart, and Colbert keeps on trying to get his name written on Node 3 of the International Space station. Your preview after the break.

Tuesday, March 10 by

.cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url('') !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;text-decoration:none;}.cc_show a{color:#707070;text-decoration:none;}.cc_title a{color:#868686;text-decoration:none;}.cc_links a:hover{color:#67bee2;text-decoration:underline;} This Thursday night, Daily Show host John Stewart is set to square off face-to-face with CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer, whom Stewart humiliated on last night's Daily Show.  Apparently Cramer's been doling out some pretty unsound advice, and Stewart did nothing more than call him out on it.  Things got more heated when MSNBC's Meredith Vieira followed up with Cramer, who passed the buck to the poor shape our economy is in.  Watch Cramer stumble all over himself after the jump (go to about 3:30 into the clip) …

Tuesday, March 10 by

So it's come to this. Another Tuesday of pretty random selections; Snoop Dogg talking 'heart' (as in the kind Rudy Ruettiger had) with some NFL superstars, the beginning and end of New York City as we know it, and Dave Mordal shooting fruitcakes into the air. Tomorrow, randomness gives way for one of the (if not the) best show on TV to return. Your preview after the break.

Monday, March 9 by

Over the past couple seasons, Monday night on CBS has officially become the most ridiculous night on television, thanks to Ms. Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory. My guess is that Penny came about late in the show's development stages, in a meeting between the writers and network execs.  My guess is, it went down a little something like this:

Commanding Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 9 by

Tonight, there's a wide range of entertainment for your viewing pleasure. A man diagnosed with the Liar Liar syndrome is brutally honest with the staff on House; General Juma totally commandeers the White House on 24; Sylar finally meets his father on Heroes; Summer Glau from Terminator:TSCC gives the nerds on The Big Bang Theory a collective boner; and John Matrix blows up everything in sight and swears at bad guys in Commando. Your preview after the break.

Friday, March 6 by

Over the past few weeks, Friday nights on Fox at 9/8c have just gotten a lot hotter, thanks to Joss Whedon's new femme fatale-fest, Dollhouse.So take a moment to get to know three of the show's lethal ladies, and be sure to check it out tonight.  It's Whedon, so you know he's got some cool stuff in store.  (And yes, Buffy was a darn fine show.)Photos and info after the jump.

Weekend Be a Watchman TV Preview
Friday, March 6 by

This weekend, teleport to the couch, grab your snuggie, and turn into TV Watchman. Only four more episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Jason hits the big apple in Friday Night Lights, Cameron's got a nasty glitch in Terminator: TSCC, and Sunday begins the second season of AMC's excellent foray into Crystal Meth with Breaking Bad. Also, scope out the updated 'Late Show Roundup,' where the amount of stuff to watch has increased by %150. Go Watchman, Go! Your preview after the break.

Thursday Spin on Your Head TV Preview
Thursday, March 5 by

Take a dive right into your Thursday night TV. After three weeks, The Office is back with a timewarp back to Valentine's day, while 30 Rock is obsessed with babies. Be sure to catch some mad bboy action on MTV tonight–it's Quest Crew (all guys) vs. the Beat Freaks (all girls). Also note our updated 'Late Night Round-Up,' with an invasion of the Jimmys. Your leg twirling, body movin' TV preview after the break.

WB Launches 24-Hr Channel in India
Thursday, March 5 by

Beginning March 15, Warner Bros. and Turner will partner to launch WB, a 24-hour Warner-branded channel that will bring its TV and film library to the country. [Variety]  If you work in the film or TV industry – don't worry.  They only outsource real jobs to India. We at Screen Junkies would like to think that eventually the channel will open up to original content, and one of our sources sent us this top secret proposal for a 2009 WB India Fall Lineup.  Seems like they're headed in that direction.See it after the jump:

Wednesday TV Preview
Wednesday, March 4 by

Tonight, Lost hits it's midseason stride with a bunch of filthy, dishonest Islanders, while Demetri Martin digs deep into the complex world of the 'chair.' Also, Discovery Channel is airing an special on why Flight 1549 had to crash land in the Hudson River. Too bad the internet already told us. Find out what I'm talking about, along with your TV preview, right after the jump.

Tuesday Night Preview
Tuesday, March 3 by

Why no new shows? The screwiness of the Digital Conversion has forced the "TV Sweeps", usually scheduled for February, to be pushed back to March 5th. In the meantime, TNT pretty much plays entertaining movies every night, and an epic monkey battle rages on tonight in Dark Days in Monkey City. Your preview after the break.

Monday TV Preview
Monday, March 2 by

Are the Sangalese Terrorists from 24 going to blow up Washington D.C?! Too bad they'll have to blow up Jack Bauer first. Tonight he gets the main stage with 2HRs of no-nonsense screaming at corrupt gov't officials, explosions, and the emergence of Jon Voight as Bauer's new arch nemesis. You don't need to really know anything before watching this episode–just sit back and get your face blown off. Likewise, Heroes also offers some telepathic mind blowings tonight as well. Your preview after the jump.

Weekend TV Preview
Friday, February 27 by

Fantastic TV Friday is patiently waiting for your gaze. Do what you can to drink up the !@#$ out of Battlestar–only 4 more episodes! What are we dorks going to do without the Cylons and the frak and the spaceships and the space drama and the Caprica 6? (I guess wait for this?) On the other hand, Terminator and Friday Night Lights are in the prime of their seasons, and as Sunday Special Treat, the How's Your News crew of intrepidly unique reporters visits the Mardi Gras capitol of the world. Your preview after the break. 

Kung Fu Thursday TV Preview
Thursday, February 26 by

Perform a karate chop (or a nunchuk) to turn on that TV of yours, and then pull a flying jump kick onto the couch for a solid night of comedy from NBC. Jack Black is back and totally wack as Po, the overweight kung fu master Panda, and Tracy Jordan gets interviewed by Larry King, which somehow makes the city of New York go into chaos. Hiiiii-ya. Your preview after the jump.