Downton Abbey is sucking the wind out of all of us. The PBS period drama (heh, heh) already killed off two beloved characters in its recent season to the shock and sadness of fans, but it seems that only imbued the producers with a stronger taste for blood.

Love her or hate her, Siobhan Finneran is donezo with the show. The awesomely-banged but morally corrupt maid won't be returning for the next season. No explanation has been provided beyond "she won't be doing anymore," which sucks because she's one of the show's more complex characters and it's a shame that we won't get to see her story resolved. Also it would be fun to see her character finally become likeable and redeemed just before slipping on a bar of soap before falling down a bottomless pit (England has those). Sigh. Stop killing everyone Downton Abbey!