Thanks to death of bin Laden, you're now going to learn what an "insta-mentary" is. Even from beyond the grave, he terrorizes us. The Discovery Channel, fully aware that the public has a voracious appetite for trending events, coupled with the attention span of a fruit fly, has decided to turn around an "insta-mentary" which isn't exactly what it sounds like because it isn't "instant" but rather will take two weeks.

The documentary is tentatively titled Killing bin Laden, the title of which harkens back to a similar documentary, Killing Pablo, which was based on the enduring manhunt for drug kingpin Pablo Escobar as documented in a book by Mark Bowden.

Dicovery Channel president and GM Clark Bunting said, "We want to bring as much added context and in-depth historical insight to the story as we can."

The film will air Sunday, May 15th at 10 PM EST. Wave an American flag while you watch it. (Vulture)