When I interviewed Charlie Hunnam for his film The Ledge at Sundance I had no idea it would cause such a stir. I of course asked about his TV series “Sons of Anarchy” also. Hunnam expressed a difference of opinion on where the show had gone in the third season. “SOA” fans didn’t even believe he’d say anything contrary, so we posted the audio file of the exchange.

Now it seems “SOA” creator Kurt Sutter feels I baited his actor into slamming the show.

This is surprising because the Q&A was a literal transcription of the exchange. The question posed to Hunnam was “Where does Jax need to go in season four?”

For complete transparency, here is the entire 9 minute interview. It is Hunnam and The Ledge director Matthew Chapman together discussing the film, with my “SOA” questions at the end. The audio confirms I may fumble when asking some questions, but I have not altered any of the quotations.

I would be happy to speak with Mr. Sutter directly. I take issues of ethics seriously and would address any concerns he has.

I’m most surprised that as of now, nobody has contacted me directly about this issue.

Complete audio of our interview HERE.