Leave it to Olivia Munn to turn the Television Critics Association press tour into a sex forum. On the NBC comedy, “Perfect Couples,” she plays a loving partner in the most lovey dovey of three relationships. In real life, she’s single. Why hasn’t some guy locked that down yet?

“I’d probably say people have broken up with me because they’re like, ‘Oh, you just want to have sex too much’” Munn joked. “That’s what I want to go on the record. ‘Sometimes you’re too awesome and you want sex too much and you cook all the time.’”

That explains it. Too much sex with Olivia Munn. Who would want that? “Well, I think too much sex is when you can’t walk anymore,” Munn continued. “That would be a good barometer.”

But seriously, Munn is saying she encourages sex. For real. “I think that every healthy relationship, there’s ebbs and flows but really, you have someone that’s your best friend and you also want to have sex with them. It’s very important. When people don’t have sex relationships, that’s not healthy. I did the hot athletic tall guy, the really suave guy. Really, at the end of the day, all that stuff goes away and it’s just the two people in bed. It’s how you connect to that person. I just really want a nice guy that’s funny, that also makes me laugh but also I’m attracted to as well. I hate when people say oh, sense of humor and nice. I mean, you want to be attracted to him. My range of what I like in guys is changing.”

But, being Olivia Munn, she went into explicit detail. “I prefer lights on because I feel like I like to see what’s happening. Penises are like snowflakes. Everyone is different so you want to really know what’s happening.”

And if you’re waiting for that one special someone, Munn is against that. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s first time. “I would feel that’s a lot of pressure. I would say my suggestion is to any virgin out there, have sex as soon as you can. Whoever it is, just do it.”

Munn got that out of the way a while ago. “I was 18 with a boy that was five years older. I remember afterwards my first words were, ‘Is that it?’ He was very excited.”

See, your first time isn’t such a big deal. “I’ve never had sex again,” Munn joked. “I was 18, that was the one and only time.”

“Perfect Couples” premieres January 20, with a more family friendly Olivia Munn.