Well, I can’t top Olivia Munn talking about penises. I honestly didn’t think I’d get another chance to talk to her, since she’s such a huge star. However, the evening of her sexy presentation of her new show “Perfect Couples,” I found her again at the NBC party.

She was chatting with some executive types in suits, but politely excused herself when I asked to talk to her. What struck me was she could totally turn on the sex talk for the gossipy folks earlier in the afternoon, then be sweet and nice to the boy asking more romantic questions. That’s how she’s gone from “Attack of the Show” co-host to sitcom star, “Daily Show” correspondent, author and centerfold.

Q: The show is about couples, but you’re single. Have you been in a third wheel situation where all your friends are couples?

Olivia Munn: It’s now, present day, yeah. Everybody that I know is a couple, although I have a few friends who are single but I don’t get to see them as much. All my closest friends are couples.

Q: Do you have couple friends who are very generous and invite you, but you don’t really want to go on their couples date?

OM: No, Christine Woods on my show, she plays Julia, her boyfriend is amazing. His name’s Tim, he’s great. They’re like my brother and sister now. I went with them to Iowa for Christmas to see his family. I followed along with them. I had no qualms about going with them on their trip.

Q: It seems like you would fit in, in any situation.

OM: You’d think that but I’m actually pretty antisocial in certain things. I get bad anxiety in certain situations. Meeting new people, I have a really hard time but if I’m with people I know, then I’m good.

Q: So it’s about having people you’re comfortable with.

OM: If I’m with people I’m comfortable with, then I’m good. I think all you need is one person who really knows me and knows wh I am. Then I’m good. You can’t make everyone happy but as long as you have someone with you who really knows who you are.

Q: Have you always felt that way?

OM: Yeah, because I grew up traveling a lot. Every time you’re in a new school, people are so hard on you. What I realized is once I know who I am, everywhere can be like home. I surround myself with people who I love. Everybody else is kind of like, I’ll meet new people but I think when you have people that really know and love you, you don’t need like 20 friends. You just need two.

Q: The first shot we see you on the show you’re sprawled out on the bed. How do you sleep in real life?

OM: I sleep in a fetal position curled up with a blanket over my head. Like I just completely curl up. The bed can be massive, but I just curl up in a ball.

Q: Is it hard to fake sleep?

OM: No, you know since I’ve watched people badly fake sleep on TV and it makes me mad. I’m like, “You look like you’re fake sleeping.” So I think I tried to really work hard on the fake sleeping and the surprise wakeup.

Q: What funny storylines are coming up?

OM: Vance and Amy, they’re going through a breakup and how do the friends deal with two friends who are breaking up? What do you do there and whose side are you really on?

Q: And you have to pick sides, right? You can’t be friends with both.

OM: On our show, we have to be because everyone’s a series regular. But in real life, I’m a big believer in you leave with what you came in with. If you came in and I met them only because they’re your friends, they’re your friends. I hate when girl break up with a guy and they stay in contact with all of their friends. I think it’s so see through. It’s like you’re still trying to stay in contact with the guy and you know what? There are seven billion people in the world. You can find more friends. He takes his friends, you take your friends, call it a day.

Q: You were always very ambitious. Has anything surprised you about your plan to dominate the media?

OM: Every day, I am surprised and so unbelievably grateful. There isn’t a day that goes by honestly that I don’t think about the fans and then feel guilt for not doing more for them, honestly. I feel like I should be doing so much more and hosting dinners for all of them. When I was in Comic-Con there was a group of hardcore really great fans who always go above and beyond. At my hotel I did a big dessert kind of dinner with them. It was every dessert on the menu and we all hung out, like 20 of us. I know that I’m only here because of the fans and I work hard. I know that a lot of it has to do with what I’m doing on my own but most of it, the majority has to do with the fans because you can’t tell people who to like. So I’m just very thankful and lucky that they get me, my sense of humor and they’re supportive. So every day I wake up surprised and unbelievably grateful.

Q: When your fans tweet you, can you read all our @ mentions?

OM: No, I can’t read it unfortunately. When I do see some and I want to respond back and I do, and sometimes I feel bad. I feel weird guilt because I want to do it but then I feel like I haven’t done enough [to update], so maybe I’ll hold off and wait until I do more. And then I think: oh wait, too much time has gone by and I haven’t done anything. I’m always in a constant struggle with my guilt and wanting to show my gratitude, but I’m so thankful to everybody. Twitter is so fantastic. You have 140 characters to say something and I can read it quickly, but it’s nice.

Q: There are Twitter personalities and celebrities who constantly do paragraphs of tweets.

OM: Well, then I think that they should be blocked.

Q: What stories in the news do you want to comment on for The Daily Show?

OM: I wouldn’t even begin to say what I want to do. Daily Show is such a well oiled machine. There is so much going on in the world and I am every day blown away by the talent and the precision that that show has. It is unbelievable and when I get called to go in, it’s amazing when you’re working something out there and somebody makes an edit or a change, they’re exactly right. Jon Stewart, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever. He is the smartest, quickest, nicest, most humble person on the planet Earth. And yes I’ve met everybody on the planet Earth. So on the show, I would never even think to. Right now, I’m so in and out, I’ll let them tell me. I get my call, I come in, do my job and bow out and say, “Thank you for having me.”

Q: Is there anything you want to ask me?

OM: Yeah, do you think people are going to like the show?

Q: Well, I’m calling it affable in my review. I think it’s likeable.

OM: I really like that. I hope so because we had a blast shooting it so I hope people like it. You never know. You can’t tell people what to like so fingers crossed.

Q: As opposed to “Traffic Light” which was obnoxious.

OM: What’s that?

Q: A Fox show that’s also about a married couple, a dating couple and a single guy but it’s really obnoxious.

OM: If you hate it, I hate it.