CMT, which originally stood for Country Music Television but now might just not stand for anything, like KFC, is orchestrating the most horrifying news you'll read this week. It's called CMT Original Movies, and it's going to be awful. The division will produce "romantic comedies and music-based films" to be shown on CMT, so at least I won't have to ever see them except for short clips on "The Soup." Here's evil CMT executive Mary Beth Cunin on the announcement, which was no-doubt made while she stroked a cat and let her finger lazily drift over a "kill everyone in sector 7" button:
"We’ve had great ratings success programming with acquired theatrical romantic comedies, so it is only natural for us to create original stories that are tailor-made for the CMT audience."

And yes, there is information on the first two movies to be released. To The Mat, about, I shit you not, an ex-wrestler played by Ricky Schroder who fights to keep his small-town wrestling school in business, and Reel Love, which "stars LeAnn Rimes as a successful, big city girl who returns to her small town roots after a family emergency." The horror, the horror. (via Deadline)