Today I deliver words that should surprise no one. AMC is moving forward with the untitled spin-off of The Walking Dead. They've brought in Dave Erickson as the braaaaaiiinnnsssss behind the development and to executive produce and co-write the series. A writer and producer for the network's abysmal failure, Low Winter Sun, Erickson was probably given this job with the challenge, "Here, idiot. Try to screw up zombies."
Robert Kirkman and Gale Ann Hurd will work with Erickson on the show which follows an entirely new set of survivors in a different location dealing with the same zombie apocalypse. Damn. That rules out any chance that this show follows T-Dog's adventures before he met up with Rick's group. Maybe they can bring that actor back and he'll play T-Dog's brother, C-Dog.

I could see it. (TV Guide)