Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a pretty funny guy, but historically, his funniness or "humor," if you will, is largely derived from being creepy or weird. Which works well in a supporting role, but might be a lot to take should he step into a starring role of a weekly comedy.

That's my theory, and Trending Down, the newest pilot to hit Showtime, will put that theory to the test. In the comedy series, Hoffman would play an advertising exec (IT'S BEEN DONE, SHOWTIME!) who loses relevance as his company gets taken over.

While the prospect of all Hoffman, all the time might be a little daunting, there's no chance that audiences will just kind of, sort of like it. Hoffman's presence is polarizing, and this will likely not keep the audience that PSH brings in due to his well-maintained notoriety.

If the participation of an established comedy name is what you're looking for, Trending Down has that in Kathryn Hahn (Wanderlust, Girls, Parks and Recreation) who will be playing the female lead.

This could very well be awesome, actually.