If you loved the early 90's, you'll delight in the news that The Arsenio Hall Show has been cancelled, just like it was when we were listening to Hammer and rooting for a young Arkansas upstart named Bill Clinton. Where does the time go?

While it's not surprising that the program didn't do well in 2014, what is surprising is that CBS had already promised the show a second season, which it now is undoubtedly weaseling out of.

The show started strong in September when it premiered, but, in explaining the cancellation, CBS cited that the show was "unable to grow its audience," which is kind of unfair. I would think that the lines are drawn on The Arsenio Hall Show on day one. No one's "on the fence" about Arsenio Hall. That's ridiculous.

Maybe now he can focus on that Coming to America sequel that we're definitely not asking for.