With Craig Ferguson also leaving his post at CBS, we've been left to wonder who will replace him as host of The Late Late Show and will he take his robot skeleton puppet with him? While CBS continues to affirm that they have not decided who they will hire to host, a new name has been tossed into the hat. A name that would be really great at making late night weird again. A name that starred in Vampire Dog. From Splitsider:
What happened is a Norm Macdonald fan started the Twitter hashtag #latelatenormnorm yesterday, and ever since, Macdonald has been retweeting every single tweet with the hashtag in a pretty blatant attempt to express interest in the job and build momentum, or maybe he’s just goofing around.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Macdonald says he has “no idea” if him getting the job is a possibility, explaining, “I haven’t been approached by CBS. I assumed they already have someone. I know Les Moonves, really cool guy.”

For Norm's sake, let's hope that Moonves is not friends with OJ.