In the strictest sense, TV ratings would only come from television viewers, but everyone under the age of 35 these days has realized for years that in the information age, programs can find audiences via phones, iPads, videos game systems, laptops, desktops, and all sorts of other tops.

Apparently, no one that works for Nielsen is under the age of 35, because they're just now getting around to measuring these audiences as well.

To Nielsen's (sort-of) credit, it's likely that they realized there existed a substantial constituency of internet viewers some years back, but had no idea how to quantify them. Rather than acknowledge, "Huh, this is a puzzle we should probably figure out!" they denied its existence until they couldn't afford to any longer.

Because that plan of action worked so very, very well for the record industry.

Better late than never, Nielsen's on it. Of course, they don't want to whole-hog get after measuring these bastardized viewers, because they could sprain something or get a cramp. Remember: They're old.

So, they're making half-assed efforts to roll out these metrics for a while, then will put together a good strategy in a "slower timetable." Because, not to harp on this, but Nielsen people are very old, and doing things quickly means hip injuries. (via THR)