Nicki Minaj, Who Looks Like Kind Of A Bitch, Upset That Mariah Carey Called Her A Bitch

Wednesday, October 3 by
Brace yourself for some truly terrible medical care. 

TMZ, our de facto newsgathering partner on uneventful days, has broken news that Nicki Minaj was responding to Mariah Carey’s insults when she went off on the on the diva. I understand that the terms “diva” and “bitch” don’t┬ánecessarily┬áclarify to whom I am referring in this story, so let me make this more clear:

  • Nicki Minaj, a judge on American Idol, went off in glorious fashion on Mariah Carey, who is a judge on American Idol, and also married to Nick Cannon, which is neither here nor there. Here’s the video of that.

  • It’s now thought that the attack was NOT unprovoked, but rather a response by Minaj to Mariah calling her a “bitch” multiple times because Minaj was probably being a total bitch about something.
  • Mariah’s camp has conveyed that prior to Mariah allegedly (ALLEGEDLY) calling Minaj a bitch, Minaj was being a total bitch, talking about herself after performances, rather than giving constructive feedback to the contestants. What. A. Bitch.
So where do we as a country go from here?
We side with the sympathetic character. Who has yet to reveal him or herself in this saga.
While we wait for that revelation, listen to Nicki Minaj’s “Blazin’,” which is a pretty badass song.

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