Nick Stahl Joins Pun-Loving Cast of ‘Locke & Key’

Wednesday, January 12 by

The ubiquitous Nick Stahl has joined the cast for the television pilot Locke & Key, a Fox project that had originally been slated for summer consideration, but has recently been pushed back to fall, offering the refreshingly frank explanation, “We couldn’t make the dates.”  As long as that delightful play on words remains the title, an eager public will wait patiently. Locke & Key focuses on a family that, after the father’s murder, returns to his old house where they are haunted by a spirit named DODGE The spirit, which is of course evil, holds the family hostage unless it gets its way. Undoubtedly, we would learn more about DODGE and the family history as the series progresses. With this known, it should go without saying that this show is based on a graphic novel. Stahl would play the deceased’s younger brother who lives nearby. Stahl will join the existing cast, which includes Sarah Bolger and Miranda Otto.

This news, in conjunction with the Terra Nova premiere news yesterday, shows that Fox is making good on its promise to focus more on show development, perhaps realizing that American Idol won’t be their mealticket forever. While the premise of Locke & Key certainly doesn’t ensure that they’re developing good shows, they never spoke to the quality of their programming, just that they’d try harder.  (Deadline)

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