UPDATE: News That Mattered Five Years Ago: Dempsey Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Tuesday, May 31 by

Patrick Dempsey recently told Italian Vogue that he would not be returning to  “Grey’s Anatomy.”

There’s not a single part of that sentence that I don’t find hilarious.

Seeing as I assumed he had left the show four years ago, this news comes as a terrible shock. While Dempsey didn’t cite a particular reason for leaving, his deal expires at the end of next year, so the reason was probably “I wanted to get the eff out three years ago, but I didn’t want to get sued.”

Co-star Ellen Pompeo’s contract is up as well after next season, so some questions about the viability of the show are raised by this news. Frankly, questions about the viability of the show were raised a few years ago when the ratings steadily trended downward, but now they’re REALLY being raised. Some believe that this could signal a happy ending for both Dempsey and Pompeo’s characters, who have been romantically involved on the show. However, given the quality of the writing recently, I expect them to get randomly stabbed in the kidneys with screwdrivers, lying in pools of their own blood as the season 8 finale credits roll.

UPDATE: Dempsey isn’t necessarily leaving “Grey’s Anatomy,” according to his publicist. The actor’s rep says he was quoted out-of-context. Apparently, he was really saying his contract is up after next season and he doesn’t know what he’ll do. Thank god there’s still hope… (EW)

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