If a half-dozen or so singing shows wasn't enough for you, then you can take solace in knowing that there will be one more on ABC. The generically and lazily named Rising Star will offer a twist in that it will be completely live.

The show starts June 22nd, and will also feature living interactive voting from the audience, and the audience will only get to see the performer if they are able to garner a certain number of votes. That's exciting, because it means that America could accidentally vote for an ugly person and not even know it!

The interesting twist is of course that a live show would ostensibly air at the same time in three time zones, and if the west coast is tape delayed, then east coast watchers will be waiting a couple of hours in front of their TV for the so-called "instant" results. The producers haven't solved this problem, but expect them to innovate some sort of time travel or time-stopping mechanism by the premier.

The show will of course be produced by some alums of American Idol.