Game of Thrones is stepping up the class of their alcoholic beverages a bit. There's been a beer affiliated with the show for a while, but there's a world of difference between a simple beer, and a classy, bougie wine.

So with that in mind, an ad agency from Australia named Common Ventures is making an "unofficial" wine because they " the show. Hopefully you do too." I DO love the show. But that doesn't mean I'll like your bootleg, license-infringing wine, Common Ventures.

The wines are named after the various Houses in Westeros, but won't be out until the season 5 premiere next year, which should be plenty of time for the studio and George R.R. Martin to find out about this and sue Common Ventures until they don't know what's what.

Oh, and in case that headline didn't make any sense, it refers to this.