With all the build up after close to a decade off the air, the return of Arrested Development was a much-ballyhooed event that largely failed to live up to the hype. The "one character per episode" focus made everything seem pretty disjointed, and getting the cast in the same room seemed to be a lot more important than people expected.

So we'll mercifully try it again, because even bad AD is better than no AD. Netflix president Ted Sarandos told USA Today that he's "positive" the show's going to return. That pop you just heard was the casting director's head exploding trying to figure out how the hell everyone's schedules will fit. Again.

Netflix had recentlyvoiced their desire for more episodes, so maybe this is Theodore's way of making a self-sfulfilling prophecy. Michael Cera's just his weak little pawn.

No word on premise yet, but it'll probably revolve around the whole family just running around, being dicks to one another.

"If it ain't broke...," ya know?