On the Howard Stern show a couple days ago, Neil Patrick Harris revealed to the shock-jock that he had been in very early talks with head of CBS Les Moonves to host The Late Show, following news of David Letterman's retirement.

Harris declined, saying he "knew what his skill sets were," implying that maybe hosting a national talk show for 200 days a year wasn't in that set.

But Doogie Howser said on the show that he would be open to another type of late-night show, one with more of a variety bend to it. More specifically, he said he would want it to be weekly with pre-taped and live bits.

So I'm guessing Neil Patrick Harris told the brass at CBS that he wanted to be on Saturday Night Live? I wonder how that went over.

Moreover, Neil Patrick Harris is probably the most liked man in America. Let's not screw that up with a talk show.