NBC Will Be Airing A ‘Peter Pan’ Musical With Christopher Walken As Captain Hook

Monday, July 14 by
Hey, handsome.  

Ok. Screen Junkies’ readership probably isn’t too big into musical theater, but that’s only because it’s suffered a lack of Christopher Walken. NBC’s putting a stop to that with by casting him as Captain Hook in a live broadcast performance of a Peter Pan musical.

Why? Because the network saw great numbers from The Sound of Music Live starring Carrie Underwood, and, as we all know, Christopher Walken is just a better version of Carrie Underwood.

The lead role of Peter Pan hasn’t yet been cast, but in form true to the original(s), they had reached out to a female actor in Kristen Bell.

Whoa. Are they trying to make this good or something? Careful NBC, you might actually get a good cast in this thing unless you run, don’t walk to cast someone from a reality singing competition.

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