"Who's going to direct our sweet, sweet "Wonder Woman" pilot?"

"I dunno. Get McG. He's good with women from the 70's."

That's probably not how the NBC meeting to find a director for their prized "Wonder Woman" pilot went, but the result is the same. Sources close to Movieline claim that TV vet McG is the frontrunner to helm the the pilot episode of the David E. Kelley-produced reboot. While it's not clear if McG's involvement would extend beyond directing the pilot, I wouldn't rule it out, as he's got strong pedigrees in both TV action dramas and derivative cheese, of which "Wonder Woman" should have both in spades. McG has completed his transformation into the poor man's Brett Ratner.

It seems a little odd that McG would be such a frontrunner for the NBC gig while serving as a consulting producer of ABC's "Charlie's Angels" remake. (I'm tired of saying "reboot.") But if they don't have a problem with it, then the best to both. Sadly, it would seem it's easier in Hollywood to fight over one person with a pedigree in successful remakes than it is to put together a decent team of people to think of something new. That said, NBC might be a little strapped for cash after having to build WW's fully-functioning invisible jet. Those things are pricey.