NBC, the channel known for giving us good, hearty belly laughs by dabbling with a Cee-Lo sitcom, TWO Jenny McCarthy series, a History Channel Hatfields and McCoys ripoff, some non-descript show about pirates, a show about hipsters, a comedy about animal doctors, a Kelsey Grammer Freakonomics cop show, and a Roseanne show or two (read about all that madness and more HERE), has decided, according to THR and Deadline, that the Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane doesn't fit their oh-so-stringent criteria for a new show pickup.

Fans of Portia de Rossi, Jerry O'Connell, and Eddie Izzard may look forward to upcoming cameos in other programs, while fans of NBC can look forward to this time slot being filled with a show based on Dan Cortese's real life or something.