Normally I would make this a "Today In 'Oh, NBC!'," but the fact is that they might just be learning. Learning from Joey. Why that lesson takes seven and a half years instead of just seven is beyond me, but, hey, baby steps.

Rainn Wilson posted on his Twitter feed that NBC wasn't picking up the pilot, he had fun making it, and there are no hard feelings. Glad he's not pissed that Kevin is getting his own show and Dwight's not.

What remains to be seen is how NBC will deal with the final episodes of The Office, which were supposed to transition into the Schrute beet farm experience through the introduction of Dwight's extended family. Now it just seems as though the last few episodes will introduce Dwight's family, then the show will end, with no family ever to be seen again.

Which is an ending I find to be hilarious.