NBC, Inspired By A More Successful Channel, Is All About Hatfield And McCoys

Monday, June 11 by
I can get a similar aesthetic with my pictures thanks to the good folks at Instagram.  

Oh NBC, you little scamp! What will you do next?

In a quest for ratings improvement that most closely resembles an epileptic child batting blindfolded at a pinata, NBC was flipping through the channels a couple weeks ago and saw that The History Channel was putting on a fairly big-budget mini-series about the Hatfields and McCoys, two feuding families in West Virginia following the Civil War.

Of course, NBC, now adamant about “shifting the paradigm” after hearing that phrase at a Tony Robbins lecture at the airport Marriott, has decided to put a spin on the tale by making it contemporary. Feuding contemporary families, folks.

In the show, the working class McCoys will be at odds with a now exceedingly wealthy Hatfield family. It’s Screen Junkies corporate policy to despise all things working class, so let us now formally endorse the Hatfields in this feud.

Goooooooo Hatfields!

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