Dick Ebersol has had a long run as NBC's executive super-villain. He nearly killed "Saturday Night Live," spent way too much on the last Olympics, and was on Team Leno. Team Leno! Anyway, he's reportedly been ousted by the new NBC council elders at Kabletown Comcast, despite his status as a "legend," aka "a TV executive some regular people have heard of."

Ebersol is apparently pretty hated for his various crimes against humanity, so don't expect to see any tearful goodbyes from the media any time soon. For instance, Deadline's report of the news ends with "Hey Dick, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out." In keeping with this tradition, I'd like to contribute a bon mot of my own: Dick Ebersol? More like DICK Ebersol. That's right, I went there.