NBC Executive Of Douchebaggery Fired For Having $200K Bathroom

Wednesday, January 19 by

Normally, we don’t report on the comings and goings of suit and tie wearing types, but this real life story feels right out of an episode of “30 Rock.” So, we want to congratulate ex-NBC Television Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin for having gigantic balls, which apparently needed a very fancy washroom to be occasionally exposed in throughout the day.

It seems that Comcast is cleaning house over at their new merger-buddy NBC’s main office, and they flushed Gaspin down the drain. Why? Apparently, the executive didn’t want to share a bathroom with his fellow execs on the 11th floor, so he ordered a new bathroom to be made in July of 2009. Not just any bathroom, though. A $200,ooo private bathroom with a shower “large enough to house a small family,” and he wanted it built at a time when 40 people were getting downsized. Gaspin was so embarrassed about the thing he demanded, he had construction take place during evening hours. Hey, if you’re gonna be King Douchebag, at least own up to it and wear a cape around the office.

The Comcast people were not thrilled. It’s not like the economy is way awesome, “Seinfeld” and “Friends” are on the air and NBC is riding a seemingly never-ending winning streak in the ratings. Top it off with the fact that Gaspin was tied up in the Conan-Leno kerfuffle and you’ve got yourself a prime candidate for pink slippage.

Now that Gaspin’s gone, I wonder if the bathroom will be rented out, and if so, to me? I always wanted to have a golden toilet that played the NBC chimes when you flush a deuce. (TheWrap)

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  1. January 19, 2011 8:11 pm

    Doug Funnie

    Guess you could say his career is in the overpriced sh*tter. Don’t applaud that.

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