NBC Does Something Right: Gives Jim Gaffigan A Show

Thursday, October 27 by
From Jim's last visit to Coney Island. 

Great news!! Jim Gaffigan has got his own show. Even better news!! It’s not on CBS.

That means he won’t be forced to ham it up in a multi-camera sitcom. Instead, NBC has purchased a single-camera comedy focusing on his life as a lazy guy married to a strong woman who are raising four kids in a small New York City apartment. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig for a set builder.

Jim Gaffigan is a brilliant comedian, so it’s nice to see NBC recognize a good thing when they see it. Though I sincerely doubt it will take on any dark themes,  this move seems to be a result of the success FX has had with Louie. Or perhaps random guests from Chelsea Lately ran out of show ideas. (Deadline via Warming Glow)

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