NBC Cuts ‘The Cape’ Episodes, Show’s One Fan Is Outraged

Tuesday, February 1 by

When “Heroes” crashed and burned, NBC made a bold move and launched another generic-seeming superhero show in its wake. Like NBC’s other recent bold move of putting Jay Leno on every night in prime-time instead of scripted shows people aren’t nearly as annoyed by, this idea was doomed to fail. Now that NBC has cut its episode order for “The Cape” from 13 to 10, it looks like this superhero isn’t powerful enough to stave off evil Dr. Neville Cancellarius.

Even star David Lyons (“ER”), a “Chuck” lead-in and borrowing a character surname from “Lost” didn’t help this show’s low ratings. As they say, “if you can’t spin the last name Faraday into TV ratings gold, you’re in deep trouble.” Maybe “The Cape” should pull a hail mary sweeps stunt and do a live episode where the lead character gets married and has to battle several mediocre guest stars. The production team will have to work around Greg Kinnear‘s schedule, of course. (Hollywood Reporter)

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